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Confirm a Reservation
Reservations are confirmed on receipt of valid Mastercard or Visa number, expiry and card security code. This deposit is non- refundable and is fully deductible from the hireage charge. The balance of hireage and and the security bond ($1500.00 for cars and $2000.00 for bikes) is payable at the time of vehicle pick-up. At times of peak demand full payment may be required in advance.
Unique Rentals reserve the right to charge a 25% cancellation fee for cancellations of confirmed bookings within 7 days of the pick-up date. This charge is soley at the discretion of Unique Rentals.

Insurance covering accidental damage, theft and fire to the vehicle is included in the hireage.

Unique Rentals Ltd does not assume responsibility for personal injury, or for any damage or loss to personal effects. Unique Rentals Ltd is responsible for providing the vehicle with current registration and certificate of fitness as required by the New Zealand government and the Land Transport Authority for rental vehicles, Unique Rentals will not be responsible for speeding and/or parking infringements,.weather, acts of god or any other circumstances beyond its control, nor shall Unique Rentals Ltd be responsible for delay, loss, damage or injury to persons or property and illness incurred during the hireage or in connection with or relating to the supply of any other service provided by any other party.

Driving and riding in New Zealand
New Zealanders drive on the left-hand side of the road. New Zealand roads are generally in very good condition. They are rarely straight for very long and never boring. Drivers give-way (or yield) to all traffic crossing or approaching from the right. Generally the speed limit on the open road is 100km/hr and in urban areas 50km/hr, but there are other speed limits in certain places, including through road works. There are few a multi-lane motorways and expressways on the approaches to the larger cities, with most roads being dual carriageways, with no median barriers between opposing traffic. Signposting follows standard international symbols and all distances are measured in kilometers (km).

Do not drink before or during driving in New Zealand, drinking and driving laws are strictly enforced. Helmets must be worn at all times when riding motorcycles or bicycles. Front and rear lights are required on all motorcycles and bicycles ridden at night. Motorcycles should be ridden with a headlight on at all times. Further information about driving in New Zealand can be found on the Land Transport safety Authority website.

Drivers must be 25 years and over and hold a current relevant licence. The bikes are subject to a $2000.00 security bond paid by prauthorised credit card transaction at the time the vehicle is picked up. This is fully refunded if the vehicle, and any other equipment provided with the vehicle, is returned undamaged. All other vehicles are subject to a $1500.00 security bond.

Extended hire rates by arrangement. The hireage includes insurance and is GST inclusive and includes 250km (150 miles) free km. A charge of 60c/km ($1.00/mile) will apply for distances traveled in excess of 250km. Helmets and jackets are available for hire. All vehicles must be returned with a full tank of petrol or a refueling charge will be made.

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