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For that special birthday, ball, anniversary, graduation, christening or family event.

Make the occasion that much more special with one of our unique rental vehicles. Maybe it's that E-type you always admired or that classic vintage or a Harley Davidson.

Driving and riding in New Zealand

New Zealanders drive on the left-hand side of the road. New Zealand roads are generally in very good condition. They are rarely straight for very long and never boring.

Drivers give-way (or yield) to all traffic crossing or approaching from the right. Generally the speed limit on the open road is 100km/hr and in urban areas 50km/hr, but there are other speed limits in certain places, including through road works. There are few a multi-lane motorways and expressways on the approaches to the larger cities, with most roads being dual carriageways, with no median barriers between opposing traffic. Signposting follows standard international symbols and all distances are measured in kilometers (km).

Do not drink before or during driving in New Zealand, drinking and driving laws are strictly enforced.

Helmets must be worn at all times when riding motorcycles or bicycles. Front and rear lights are required on all motorcycles and bicycles ridden at night. Motorcycles should be ridden with a headlight on at all times.

Further information about driving in New Zealand can be found on the Land Transport safety Authority website.

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